Introduction to Kashef Banking Security Governance Company

    The Structure for Controlling the Security of the Banking Network & the Urgencies "KASHEF" was established by the Central Bank of Iran (Islamic Republic of) to preserve and promote the resilience and security of the payment system and the electronic banking and yet to effectively and efficiently manage the security threats to the country’s banking system and its establishment was certified in the 151st meeting held at the Money & Credit Council in 10-27-2012(Month Azar the 7th 1391 on Persian Solar Calendar Table) as a supervising structure being bound to take, manage and govern any/all kinds of measurements related to the security of information and communications there-in the field of  producing and exchange of the banking information through determining and formulating the objectives, policies, strategies, requirements and to supervise the clever executing of each.

    Still another mission of the company is the management of the security incidents throughout the banking cyber atmosphere by means of collecting information and has it shared and to co-ordinate the banks together when incidents happen to take place and the cyber crises reveal. Therefore, the banks are to report all security incidents in the domain of the electronic banking of the banks’, their attached companies and the contractors’ organizations immediately when they’re recognized or informed from other sources about any such incidents and in their report, they must name the exact domain which was effected by the incident. To this end, the banks and the monetary institutes are demanded to provide the necessary technical and operational bases in order to communicate with "KASHEF" and obeying the instructions and statements issued at this company is mandatory to all banks and monetary institutes.
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